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Table 1 Orthology between mouse and rat Cyp genes

From: Gene nomenclature by default, or BLASTing to Babel

Mouse Rat Mouse Rat Mouse Rat
1a1 1a1 2e1 2e1 4f13 4f6
1a2 1a2 2f2 2f4 4f14 4f1
1b1 1b1 2g1 2g1 4f15 4f4
    4f16 4f5  
2a4 x 2j5 2j5-ps 4f17 4f17
2a5 2a3 2j6 2j4 4f18 4f18
2a12 2a2 2j7   4f37 4f37
2a22 2a1 2j8 2j16 4f39 4f39
   2j11   4f40 4f40
2b9 2b3 2j9 2j3   
2b10 2b1 2j12 2j10 4v3 4v?
2b13 2b2 2j13 2j13 4x1 4x1
2b19 2b15 2r1 2r1 5a1 5a1
  2b31 2s1 2s1 7a1 7a1
2b23 2b21 2t4 2t1 7b1 7b1
   2u1 2u1 8a1 8a1
2c37 x 2w1 2w1 8b1 8b1
2c29   2ab1 2ab1 11a1 11a1
2c38 2c6 2ac1-ps 2ac1 11b1 11b1
2c39 2c7    11b2 11b2
2c44 2c23 3a11   x 11b3
2c50 x 3a16 3a1/3a23 17a1 17a1
2c52-ps 2c11 3a41 3a2 19a1 19a1
2c54 x 3a44 3a73 20a1 20a1
2c55 2c24 3a13 3a9 21a1 21a1
  2c80 3a25   24a1 24a1
   3a57 3a18 26a1 26a1
2c65   3a59   26b1 26b1
2c66 2c78 x 3a62 26c1 26c1
2c70 2c22    27a1 27a1
2c40   4a12a   27b1 27b1
2c67 2c12 4a12b 4a8 39a1 39a1
2c68 2c13    46a1 46a1
2c69   4a29 x 51a1 51a1
   4a30b x   
2d10   4a14 4a2   
2d11 2d1   4a3   
2d12 2d5     
2d34   4a10    
2d22 2d4 4a31 4a1   
2d26 2d2 4a32    
2d40 2d3 4b1 4b1   
  1. Paralogues are boldened