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Table 1 Genes with non-coding variants affecting disease

From: From DNA to RNA to disease and back: The 'central dogma' of regulatory disease variation

Gene Disease Reference
CAT Hypertension [12]
CCR5 HIV-1 progression and transmission [13, 14]
CD209 Dengue fever [15]
CRP Cardiovascular disease risk [16]
CTLA4 Autoimmune disease [9]
DARC Malaria susceptibility [10]
DAT1 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [17]
FCRL3 Rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disease [18]
GSK3B Parkinson's disease [19]
IGFBP3 Breast cancer [20]
INS Type I diabetes [21]
IPF1 Type II diabetes [22]
MMP-1 Breast cancer progression [23]
MMP-3 Coronary artery disease [24, 25]
NFKB1 Inflammatory bowel disease [26]
RET Hirschsprung's disease [27, 28]
SMYD3 Colorectal cancer, breast cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma [11]
TNF Malaria [29]