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Table 4 Summary of hypotheses generated using Swanson's ABC model and its extensions

From: What the papers say: Text mining for genomics and systems biology

Paper Hypothesis
Cory et al.[76] Proposed links between Frost (a 20th century poet) and Carneades (an ancient philosopher)
Gordon et al.[77] Finding new applications for genetic algorithms using the WWW
Hettne et al.[73] Proposed the role of NF-κb in the aetiology of complex regional pain syndrome
Hristovski et al.[78] Proposed novel candidate genes that may be involved in bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria
Kostoff et al.[79] Proposed novel non-drug treatments (such as calorific restriction) for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Kostoff et al.[80] Proposed 'lifestyle/dietary practices that could be interpreted as anti-cataract'
Srinivasan et al.[81, 82] Novel uses for curcuma longa/turmeric in the treatment of retinal diseases, Crohn's disease and spinal cord-related disorders
Swanson et al.[83] Classifying viruses as potential biological weapons
van Haagen et al.[74] Predicting and identifying novel interaction partners for proteins in Escherichia coli
Weeber et al.[84] Novel uses of thalidomide in the treatment of myasthenia gravis, chronic hepatitis C, Heliobacter pylori-induced gastritis and acute pancreatitis
Wren et al.[85] Chlorpromazine may reduce cardiac hypertrophy (ABC model in conjunction with experimental evidence)
Wren et al.[86] Pathogenesis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes is most likely epigenetic
Zhou et al.[87] Combined MEDLINE with traditional Chinese medicine to propose new functional knowledge about genes