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Table 1 List of the members of the sirtuin family in humans

From: The human sirtuin family: Evolutionary divergences and functions

Gene name Intracellular location Functional activity MW (kDa) AA Active domain (AA) Chromosomal location
SIRT1 Nucleus and cytoplasm Deacetylase 81.7 747 244-498 10q21.3
SIRT2 Cytoplasm Deacetylase 41.5 389 65-340 19q13.3
SIRT3 Mitochondria Deacetylase 43.6 399 126-382 11p15.5
SIRT4 Mitochondria ADP-ribosyl transferase 35.2 314 45-314 12q
SIRT5 Mitochondria Deacetylase 33.9 310 41-309 6p23
SIRT6 Nucleus Deacetylase/ADP-ribosyl transferase 39.1 355 35-274 19p13.1
SRT7 Nucleolus Deacetylase 44.9 400 90-331 17q25
  1. For each member, cellular localisation, major functional activity, molecular weight (MW), total number of amino acids (AA), active domain and chromosomal location is listed.