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Table 1 Comparison of human secretoglobin genes (SCGBs) with only those mouse Scgbs that share orthology

From: Update of the human secretoglobin (SCGB) gene superfamily and an example of 'evolutionary bloom' of androgen-binding protein genes within the mouse Scgb gene superfamily

Gene symbol Human chr location Synonyms Mouse homologue Mouse chr location
SCGB1A1 11q11-qter Uteroglobin (UGB), blastokinin, Clara-cell specific 10-kDa protein (CC10), Clara-cell specific 16-kD protein (CC16), Clara-cell specific protein (CCSP), Clara-cell phospholipid-binding protein (CCPBP), and urinary protein 1 (UP1) Scgblal 19
SCGB1B1P* 19 Abpa1P Scgblb subfamily 7
SCGB1B2P* 19 SCGB4A1P   
SCGB1B3* 19 SCGB4A4   
SCGB1C1 11p15.5 RYD5 Scgblcl 7
SCGB1D1 11q13 Lipophilin A (LIPA)   
SCGB1D5P* 4q32.3 SCGB1D1P1   
SCGB1D2 11q13 Lipophilin B (LIPB)   
SCGB1D4 11q12.3 IFN-γ inducible SCGB (IIS)   
SCGB2A1 11q13 Lipophilin C, mammaglobin 2 (MGB2), mammaglobin B, UGB3 and lacryglobin   
SCGB2A2 11q13 Mammaglobin 1 (MGB1), mammaglobin A, UGB2   
SCGB2B1P* 19 Abpbg1P Scgb2b subfamily 7
SCGB2B3P* 19 SCGB4A3P cytokine high in normal-1 (HIN1), pneumo   
SCGB3A1 5q35-qter Secretory protein 2 (PnSP-2), and uteroglobin-related protein 2 (UGRP2) Scgb3a1 11
SCGB3A2 5q32 Pneumo secretory protein 1 (PnSP-1), and uteroglobin-related protein 1 (UGRP1) Scgb3a2 18
  1. All data include genes, common names and chromosomal locations. Genes that are likely to share homology are placed on the same line
  2. Abbreviations: IFN, interferon
  3. * Indicates new Scgb designation.