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Table 1 Question answering system comparison matrix of features for HONQA, askHERMES, and the EAGLi systems

From: Usability survey of biomedical question answering systems

QA Comparison Matrix
Web address
Data sources MEDLINE abstracts MEDLINE abstracts, eMedicine, clinical guidelines, PubMedCentral, and Wikipedia HON certified websites
Answers Multi-phrase passages and a list of single entities Multiple sentence passages Sentence
Language English English English/French
System response Slow Fast Slow
Interface complexity Complex but many tooltips Simple Very simple
Question analysis Yes Yes Yes
Target question types Definition All types Definition, procedure, factoid, who
Key feature Returns a list of ranked terms to answer ‘‘factual‘’ questions Answers are presented in three ways: answers clustered by terms, simple ranked answer list, and answers clustered by content Use of certified health websites which allow for information to be geared towards people with varying levels of health literacy