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Table 2 Summary of genes and SNPs identified by further literature search as positively correlated with various cancers

From: Comparative study and meta-analysis of meta-analysis studies for the correlation of genomic markers with early cancer detection

Gene Cancer type SNPs References
   rs number Other name  
CCND1 OC rs603965 c.870G>A [26, 122124]
CCND1 PC rs603965 c.870G>A [125]
CYP2E1 PC NA NA [126]
CYP2E1 LC NA NA [127]
CYP2E1 UBC NA NA [128]
CYP2E1 OC NA NA [40]
ERCC2 OC rs1799793, rs13181 p.D312N, p.K751Q [23]
ERCC2 HNC rs1799793, rs13181 p.D312N, p.K751Q [129131]
GSTP1 PC rs1695 p.I105V [126, 128, 132, 133]
MTHFR BCC rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [134]
MTHFR ALL rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [59, 135, 136]
MTHFR LC rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [137]
MTHFR UBC rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [138]
MTHFR CC rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [139]
MTHFR NHL rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [140, 141]
MTHFR HNC rs1801131 c.677C>T, c.1298A>C [142]
TGFB1 GC rs1982073 c.+29C>T [143]
TGFB1 LC rs1982073 c.+29C>T [144]
TGFB1 PC rs1982073 c.+29C>T [145]
TGFB1 PC rs1982073 c.+29C>T [146]
TGFB1 CRC rs1982073 c.+29C>T [147]
TP53 EmCa rs1042522/rs17878362 p.R72P [148]
TP53 PC rs1042522/rs17878362 p.R72P [114, 149]
TP53 OVCa rs1042522/rs17878362 p.R72P [150]
TP53 GC rs1042522/rs17878362 p.R72P [151]
TP53 OC rs1042522/rs17878362 p.R72P [152]
  1. NA not available.