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Table 1 Genes whose expression levels were significantly altered and were found in both the EGCG experiment and the TCGA dataset

From: The up-regulation of Myb may help mediate EGCG inhibition effect on mouse lung adenocarcinoma

Genes From normal to LUAD From control to EGCG treatment
Cox7a1 Up Up
Myh11 Up Up
Fmo3 Up Up
Myb Down Up
Cxcl13 Up Up
Scgb3a1 Up Up
F13a1 Up Up
Peg3 Down Up
Acta2 Up Up
Fabp4 Up Up
Clic6 Up Up
Myl4 Down Up
S100a9 Up Up
Col8a2 Up Up
Bank1 Up Up
Mmp9 Up Up