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Table 4 KEGG pathway enrichment

From: Transcriptome analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from children with severe Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia reveals novel gene expression and immunodeficiency

Term ID Adjusted p value Input KEGG_ID/KO
Protein digestion and absorption hsa04974 0.000305 COL6A1| COL6A2| ATP1B2| COL5A3| COL3A1| COL1A2 hsa:1291|hsa:1292|hsa:482|hsa:50509|hsa:1281|hsa:1278|
Primary immunodeficiency hsa05340 0.001040 CD19| TNFRSF13C| CD79A| AICDA hsa:930|hsa:115650|hsa:973|hsa:57379|
ECM-receptor interaction hsa04512 0.001350 COL6A2| COL5A3| COL6A1| COL1A2| COL3A1 hsa:1292|hsa:50509|hsa:1291|hsa:1278|hsa:1281|
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway hsa04151 0.003493 COL6A1| TCL1A| COL6A2| CD19| COL5A3| COL3A1| COL1A2| FLT1 hsa:1291|hsa:8115|hsa:1292|hsa:930|hsa:50509|hsa:1281|hsa:1278|hsa:2321|
Focal adhesion hsa04510 0.005512 COL6A1| COL6A2| COL5A3| COL3A1| COL1A2| FLT1 hsa:1291|hsa:1292|hsa:50509|hsa:1281|hsa:1278|hsa:2321|