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Table 1 Numbers of islands identified by SICER 1.1 in HIV-1 latently infected cells according to histone modifications

From: Identification of novel genes associated with HIV-1 latency by analysis of histone modifications

Cell line Dec or Inc Histone modifications
H3K4me3 H3K9ac
ACH2 Dec 1587 3344
Inc 2078 5563
J1.1 Dec 8634 13,173
Inc 6941 9875
NCHA1 Dec 5275 7124
Inc 6622 8084
  1. Dec decreased islands identified by SICER 1.1, Inc increased islands identified by SICER 1.1, ACH2 and J1.1 HIV-1 latently infected cells, NCHA1 novel chronic HIV-1 infected cells derived from A3.01