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Table 1 Twenty-four SNP pairs that were significant in both single- and multi-SNP–multi-trait analyses

From: Multiple genotype–phenotype association study reveals intronic variant pair on SIDT2 associated with metabolic syndrome in a Korean population

SNP pair Gene Publication of mapped gene in GWAS catalog P value from a single SNP-multi trait analysis P value from multi SNP-multi trait analysis
(A Bonferroni-adjusted P value = 1.45 × 10−7)
Discovery Replication Meta P value Discovery Replication Meta P value
rs2293571, rs780094 GCKR [6, 19, 20, 36] 2.39E-03, 2.55E-12 9.46E-02, 1.85E-06 2.12E-03, 1.93E-16 4.98E-14 6.21E-05 1.28E-16
rs780094, rs780092 GCKR [6, 19, 20, 36] 2.55E-12, 2.08E-11 1.85E-06, 1.36E-02 1.93E-16, 8.46E-12 2.02E-14 5.62E-05 4.80E-17
rs780092, rs8179252 GCKR [6, 19, 20, 36] 2.08E-11, 1.93E-03 1.36E-02, 1.26E-02 8.46E-12, 2.83E-04 1.02E-13 4.17E-05 1.74E-16
rs263, rs271 LPL [6, 19, 37] 2.09E-10, 6.96E-11 1.40E-05, 1.57E-05 1.01E-13, 3.87E-14 2.30E-09 2.43E-05 1.76E-12
rs12545984, rs10503669 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 2.43E-01, 1.74E-15 2.24E-01, 9.06E-11 2.13E-01,9.16E-24 1.81E-14 9.20E-10 8.90E-22
rs10503669, rs17410962 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 1.74E-15, 1.85E-16 9.06E-11, 4.76E-11 9.16E-24, 5.37E-25 3.35E-14 5.28E-09 9.04E-21
rs17489282, rs4922117 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 4.80E-12, 1.09E-12 2.82E-07, 1.82E-07 5.70E-17, 8.74E-18 3.35E-11 6.59E-06 8.18E-15
rs765547, rs11986942 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 7.30E-13, 1.54E-12 3.55E-07, 1.46E-07 1.13E-17, 9.88E-18 1.79E-11 2.43E-07 1.78E-16
rs11986942, rs1837842 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 1.54E-12, 2.16E-12 1.46E-07, 3.57E-07 9.88E-18, 3.29E-17 1.21E-10 1.24E-06 5.62E-15
rs1837842, rs1919484 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 2.16E-12, 1.57E-12 3.57E-07, 4.14E-07 3.29E-17, 2.79E-17 4.43E-10 3.19E-05 4.65E-13
rs1919484, rs7461115 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 1.57E-12, 1.77E-12 4.14E-07, 2.61E-07 2.79E-17, 2.00E-17 8.62E-11 1.68E-05 5.09E-14
rs7013777, rs4442164 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 7.61E-13, 1.08E-01 2.12E-07, 3.63E-01 7.14E-18, 1.66E-01 1.40E-16 1.09E-07 8.17E-22
rs4442164, rs4244457 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 1.08E-01, 3.42E-14 3.63E-01, 4.04E-06 1.66E-01, 6.14E-18 1.39E-15 1.50E-05 9.66E-19
rs4244457, rs4449813 LPL-SLC18A1 [6, 19, 37] 3.42E-14, 3.20E-01 4.04E-06, 2.28E-01 6.14E-18, 2.64E-01 3.54E-14 1.69E-05 2.57E-17
rs12686004, rs3905000 ABCA1 [6] 1.25E-09, 6.74E-02 1.13E-02, 7.66E-01 3.67E-10, 2.05E-01 3.08E-10 4.22E-02 3.39E-10
rs481843, rs486394 LOC101929011 [38] 2.40E-06, 4.03E-08 6.85E-03, 1.79E-03 3.11E-07, 1.76E-09 3.33E-08 1.85E-02 1.37E-08
rs180344, rs11216126 LOC101929011-BUD13 [19, 38] 9.22E-02, 3.70E-20 9.04E-01, 3.25E-08 2.90E-01, 7.57E-26 5.54E-20 5.66E-07 1.87E-24
rs6589566, rs603446 ZPR1 [6] 8.27E-26, 9.02E-14 2.69E-12, 1.15E-05 1.90E-35, 4.40E-17 1.03E-28 3.51E-12 3.32E-38
rs11600380, rs6589567 APOA5-APOA4 [38] 8.27E-06, 1.14E-06 2.95E-02, 1.82E-05 3.96E-06, 5.31E-10 6.60E-09 2.32E-05 4.67E-12
rs12279433, rs11827828 SIK3 2.29E-07, 3.35E-05 2.85E-05, 6.27E-01 1.75E-10, 2.47E-04 1.35E-09 6.84E-04 2.65E-11
rs11827828, rs2044426 SIK3 3.35E-05, 2.23E-07 6.27E-01, 9.96E-06 2.47E-04, 6.18E-11 1.30E-09 2.84E-04 1.09E-11
rs10892044, rs11216186 SIK3 7.85E-05, 1.14E-06 6.58E-01, 5.91E-05 5.62E-04, 1.65E-09 1.64E-08 1.40E-03 5.85E-10
rs2074356, rs11066194 HECTD4 [21] 8.85E-24, 4.83E-02 9.27E-07, 4.76E-01 5.58E-28, 1.10E-01 1.19E-20 2.49E-05 1.70E-23
rs11631342, rs6494005 LIPC [6, 19] 6.22E-08, 1.41E-10 3.16E-01, 1.51E-02 3.68E-07, 5.93E-11 1.63E-14 1.24E-02 7.51E-15
  1. SNPs that are listed in GWAS catalog are shown in boldface