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Table 2 Three SNP pairs that were significant only in the multi-SNP–multi-trait analysis

From: Multiple genotype–phenotype association study reveals intronic variant pair on SIDT2 associated with metabolic syndrome in a Korean population

SNP pair CHR Position (hg19) Gene Annotation Single-multi P value Multi-multi P value
(A Bonferroni-adjusted P value of discovery stage = 1.45 × 10−7)
Discovery Replication Meta P value Discovery Replication Meta P value
rs7107152 11 117,056,080 SIDT2 Intronic 2.59E-01 8.43E-01 5.51E-01 1.40E-08 2.32E-03 8.17E-10
rs1242229 11 117,062,370 SIDT2 Intronic 5.39E-03 7.68E-02 3.64E-03
rs10892876 11 122,540,281 UBASH3B Intronic 2.93E-01 1.27E-01 1.60E-01 3.34E-12 3.82E-03 4.21E-13
rs12290043 11 122,540,528 UBASH3B Intronic 1.62E-01 1.46E-01 1.12E-01
rs886126 12 111,679,214 CUX2 Intronic 3.51E-01 1.79E-01 2.37E-01 5.09E-13 3.35E-03 5.97E-14
rs2078851 12 111,690,579 CUX2 Intronic 7.31E-05 6.63E-02 6.42E-05
  1. Single-multi P value P value from a single-SNP–multi-trait association analysis, multi-multi P value P value from a multi-SNP–multi-trait association analysis, CHR chromosome, Meta P value P value from meta-analysis