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Table 1 List of all human LCN and mouse Lcn genes—with official gene symbols, full protein name, aliases, chromosomal locations, isoforms, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) RefSeq mRNA accession numbers, NCBI RefSeq protein accession numbers, and total number of amino acids (# of AAs) [information retrieved and confirmed from a close bracket]

From: Update on the human and mouse lipocalin (LCN) gene family, including evidence the mouse Mup cluster is result of an “evolutionary bloom”

Gene symbol Full protein name Aliases Chromosome Isoforms Ref seq mRNA number Ref seq protein number No. of AAs
LCN1 Lipocalin-1 isoform 1 precursor TP; TLC; PMFA; VEGP 9q34   NM_001252617.1 NP_001239546 176
Lipocalin-1 isoform 2 precursor 9q34 NM_001252618.1 NP_001239547.1 233
Lipocalin-1 isoform 3 precursor 9q34 NM_001252619.1 NP_001239548.1 230
LCN2 Lipocalin-2 24p3; MSFI; NGAL 9q34 NM_005564.3 NP_005555.2 198
Lcn2 Lipocalin-2 NRL; 24p3; Sip24; AW212229 2 NM_008491.1 NP_032517.1 200
Lcn3 Lipocalin-3 Vnsp1 2 NM_010694.1 NP_034824.1187 187
Lcn4 Lipocalin-4 Vnsp2; A630045M08Rik 2 NM_010695.1 NP_034825.1 185
Lcn5 Lipocalin-5 Erabp; MEP10; ERABP 2 Epididymal-specific lipocalin-5 isoform X1 XM_006497665.1 XP_006497728.1 208
Epididymal-specific lipocalin-5 isoform X2 XM_006497666.3 XP_006497729.1 202
Epididymal-specific lipocalin-5 isoform X3 XM_006497667.2 XP_006497730.1 190
Epididymal-specific lipocalin-5 isoform X4 XM_006497668.2 XP_006497731.1 190
Epididymal-specific lipocalin-5 isoform X5 XM_006497669.1 XP_006497732.1 173
LCN6 Lipocalin-6 LCN5; hLcn5; UNQ643 9q34.3   NM_198946.2 NP_945184.1 163
Lcn6 Lipocalin-6 9230101D24Rik 2 Epididymal-specific lipocalin-6 isoform 1 precursor; NM_001276448.1 NP_001263377.1 245
Epididymal-specific lipocalin-6 isoform 2 precursor NM_177840.4 NP_808508.2 181
LCN8 Lipocalin-8 EP17; LCN5 9q34.3   NM_178469.3 NP_848564.2 152
Lcn8 Lipocalin-8 EP17; Lcn5; mEP17; 9230106L18Rik 2 NM_033145.1 NP_149157.1 175
LCN9 Lipocalin-9 HEL129; 9230102I19Rik 9q34.3 NM_001001676.1 NP_001001676.1 176
Lcn9 Lipocalin-9 9230102I19Rik 2 NM_029959.2 NP_084235.1 178
LCN10 Lipocalin-10   9q34.3 NM_001001712.2 NP_001001712.2 200
Lcn10 Lipocalin-10 9230112J07Rik 2 NM_178036.4 NP_828875.1 182
Lcn11 Lipocalin-11 Gm109 2 NM_001100455.2 NP_001093925.1 178
LCN12 Lipocalin-12   9q34.3 NM_178536.3 NP_848631.2 192
Lcn12 Lipocalin-12 9230102M18Rik 2 NM_029958.1 NP_084234.1 193
LCN15 Lipocalin-15 PRO6093; UNQ2541 9q34.3 NM_203347.1 NP_976222.1 184
Lcn15 Lipocalin-15 Gm33749 2 A3; 2 XM_006498514.1 XP_006498577.1 202
Lcn16 Lipocalin-16 Gm39773 2 XM_011239226.1 XP_011237528.1 181
Lcn17 Lipocalin-17 Gm39774 2 XM_011239227.1 XP_011237529.1 193
OBP2A Odorant binding protein 2A OBP; LCN13; OBP2C; OBPIIa; hOBPIIa 9q34 NM_001293189.1 NP_001280118.1 228
Obp2a Odorant binding protein 2A Lcn13; BC027556 2 NM_153558.1 NP_705786.1 176
OBP2B Odorant-binding protein-2B LCN14; OBPIIb 9q34 NM_001288987.1 NP_001275916.1 170
Obp2b Odorant-binding protein-2B Lcn14 2 NM_001099301.1 NP_001092771.1 176
AMBP Alpha-1-microglobulin/bikunin precursor A1M; HCP; ITI; UTI; EDC1; HI30; ITIL; IATIL; ITILC 9q32-q33 NM_001633.3 NP_001624.1 352
Ambp Alpha 1 microglobulin/bikunin precursor AI194774, ASPI, HI-30, Intin4, Itil, UTI 4 B3; 4 33.96 cM NM_007443.4 NP_031469.1 349
APOD Apolipoprotein D   3q29 NM_001647.3 NP_001638.1 189
Apod Apolipoprotein D   16 B2; 16 21.41 cM NM_001301353.1 NP_001288282.1 189
APOM Apolipoprotein M G3a; NG20; apo-M; HSPC336 6p21 NM_019101.2 NP_061974.2 188
Apom Apolipoprotein M G3a; NG20; 1190010O19Rik 17; 17 B1 NM_018816.1 NP_061286.1 190
C8G Complement component 8, gamma polypeptide C8C 9q34.3 NM_000606.2 NP_000597.2 202
C8g Complement component 8, gamma polypeptide   2 A3; 2 17.31 cM NM_001271777.1 NP_001258706.1 168
ORM1 Orosomucoid-1 ORM; AGP1; AGP-A; HEL-S-153w 9q32 NM_000607.2 NP_000598.2 201
Orm1 Orosomucoid-1 Agp-1; Agp-2; Orm-1 4 B3; 4 33.96 cM NM_008768.2 NP_032794.1 207
ORM2 Orosomucoid-2 AGP2; AGP-B; AGP-B 9q32 NM_000608.2 NP_000599.1 201
Orm2 Orosomucoid-2 Agp1; Orm-2 4 B3; 4 33.96 cM NM_011016.2 NP_035146.1 207
PAEP Progestagen-associated endometrial protein GD; GdA; GdF; GdS; PEP; PAEG; PP14 9q34 NM_001018049.1 NP_001018059.1 180
PTGDS Prostaglandin D2 synthase; 21 kDa (brain) PDS; PGD2; PGDS; LPGDS; PGDS2; L-PGDS 9q34.2-q34.3 NM_000954.5 NP_000945 190
Ptgds Prostaglandin D2 synthase; 21 kDa (brain) PGD2; PGDS; 21 kDa; PGDS2; Ptgs3; L-PGDS 2 A3; 2 17.28 cM NM_008963.3 NP_032989.2 189
RBP4 Retinol-binding protein-4, plasma RDCCAS; MCOPCB10 10q23.33 NM_006744.3 NP_006735.2 201
Rbp4 Retinol-binding protein-4, plasma Rbp-4 19 C2; 19 32.75 cM NM_001159487.1 NP_001152959.1 245