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Table 3 List of all mouse Mup genes [], with official gene symbols, aliases, chromosomal locations, isoforms, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) RefSeq mRNA accession numbers, NCBI RefSeq protein accession numbers, and total number of amino acids (# of AAs) [information retrieved and confirmed from]

From: Update on the human and mouse lipocalin (LCN) gene family, including evidence the mouse Mup cluster is result of an “evolutionary bloom”

Gene symbol Aliases Chromosome Isoforms Ref seq mRNA number Ref seq protein number Full protein name No. of AAs
Mup1 Major urinary protein-1 Mup7; Up-1; Ltn-1; Mup-1; Mup-a; Mup10; Lvtn-1 4 MUP 1 isoform b precursor NM_001163010.1 NP_001156482.1 121
Mup2 Major urinary protein-2 Mup4; Mup-2; AA589603 4 MUP 2 isoform 1 precursor NM_001045550.2 NP_001039015.1 180
4 MUP 2 isoform 2 NM_001286096.1 NP_001273025.1 119
4 MUP 2 isoform 1 precursor NM_008647.4 NP_032673.3 180
Mup3 Major urinary protein-3 MUP15; Mup-3; Mup25; MUPIII 4 MUP 3 precursor NM_001039544.1 NP_001034633.1 184
Mup4 Major urinary protein-4 Mup1; Mup-4 4 MUP 4 precursor NM_008648.1 NP_032674.1 178
Mup5 Major urinary protein-5 Mup18 4 MUP 5 precursor NM_008649.2 NP_032675.2 180
Mup6 Major urinary protein-6 Mup2; Gm12544; OTTMUSG00000007423 4 MUP (Mup)-like precursor NM_001081285.1 NP_001074754.1 179
Mup7 Major urinary protein-7 Mup3; Gm12546; OTTMUSG00000007428 4 MUP 7 precursor NM_001134675.1 NP_001128147.1 235
Mup8 Major urinary protein-8 Mup5; Gm12809; OTTMUSG00000008509 4 MUP 8 precursor NM_001134676.1 NP_001128148.1 235
Mup9 Major urinary protein-9 Mup2; Mup6; Gm14076; OTTMUSG00000015595 4 MUP 2-like precursor NM_001281979.1 NP_001268908.1 180
Mup10 Major urinary protein-10 Mup8; 2610016E04Rik 4 MUP 10 precursor NM_001122647.1 NP_001116119.1 180
Mup11 Major urinary protein-11 Gm12549; OTTMUSG00000007431 4 MUP 11 precursor NM_001164526.1 NP_001157998.1 181
Mup12 Major urinary protein-12 Gm2024 4 MUP 12 precursor NM_001199995.1 NP_001186924.1 180
Mup13 Major urinary protein-13 Mup11; Gm13513; OTTMUSG00000012492 4 MUP 13 precursor NM_001134674.1 NP_001128146.1 235
Mup14 Major urinary protein-14 Mup12; Gm13514; OTTMUSG00000012493 4 MUP 14 precursor NM_001199999.1 NP_001186928.1 180
Mup15 Major urinary protein-15 Mup13; Gm2068 4 MUP 15 precursor NM_001200004.1 NP_001186933.1 180
Mup16 Major urinary protein-16   4 MUP 16 precursor NM_001199936.1 NP_001186865.1 180
Mup17 Major urinary protein-17 MUP 17; Gm12557; OTTMUSG00000007480 4 MUP 17 precursor NM_001200006.1 NP_001186935.1 180
Mup18 Major urinary protein-18 Mup6 4 MUP 6 precursor NM_001199333.1 NP_001186262.1 181
Mup19 Major urinary protein-19 Mup8; Mup11; Mup14; Mup17; Gm12552; 100039247; OTTMUSG00000007472 4 MUP 11 and 8 precursor NM_001135127.2 NP_001128599.1 180
Mup20 Major urinary protein-20 Mup24; darcin; Gm12560; OTTMUSG00000007485 4 MUP 20 precursor NM_001012323.1 NP_001012323.1 181
Mup21 Major urinary protein-21 Mup; Mup26; Gm11208; bM64F17.1; bM64F17.4; OTTMUSG00000000231 4 MUP 26 precursor NM_001009550.2 NP_001009550.1 181
Mup22 Major urinary protein-22 Gm21320 4 MUP 2-like isoform X1 XM_003688783.3 XP_003688831.1 181