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Fig. 1

From: Considerations for the use of Cre recombinase for conditional gene deletion in the mouse lens

Fig. 1

DNA constructs used to make Cre-expressing transgenic mouse lines. Black arrows represent the transcription start sites for the mouse Pax6 P0 promoter (blue in the Le-Cre and P0-3.9GFPCre constructs) or the mouse αA-crystallin promoter (light blue in the MLR39 and MLR10 constructs). The pink and green boxes represent CRE and GFP coding sequences, respectively. The thin black line within the αA-crystallin promoter in the MLR10 construct represents the engineered Pax6 binding site. The orange EE and yellow RP boxes represent the Pax6 ectodermal enhancer element and the retina/pancreas enhancer elements, respectively. The IRES (white box in the Le-Cre construct) stands for internal ribosome entry site, and nlsCre stands for Cre recombinase with an added nuclear localization sequence. There is approximately 400 bp of mouse Pax6 sequence from the first intron included at the 3′ end of the Le-Cre transgenic construct, following the GFP coding sequence

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