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Fig. 8

From: Considerations for the use of Cre recombinase for conditional gene deletion in the mouse lens

Fig. 8

Cre expression in Le-Cre and P0-3.9GFPCre lenses. RNA-Seq analysis detected significantly more CRE reads in newborn lens RNA from the Le-Cre mice than from P0-3.9GFPCre mice (a). Quantitative RT-PCR analysis confirmed the increase in CRE mRNA in newborn Le-Cre lenses relative to P0-3.9GFPCre lenses (b). Western blots revealed that newborn Le-Cre lenses also expressed relatively more CRE protein than P0-3.9GFPCre lenses (c, blot). Image-J analysis showed that, relative to GAPDH, the Le-Cre lenses expressed nearly twice as much CRE protein as the P0-3.9GFPCre lenses (c, graph). Error bars indicate standard error of the mean calculated by a two-tailed Student’s t test. Each bar in this figure represents the average of three biological replicates and three technical replicates

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