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Fig. 9

From: Considerations for the use of Cre recombinase for conditional gene deletion in the mouse lens

Fig. 9

Differential gene expression in hemizygous newborn Le-Cre and P0-3.9GFPCre lenses. The expression of transcripts expressed in newborn Le-Cre and P0-3.9GFPCre lenses were compared to newborn lens transcripts from the background FVB/N strain mice by RNA-Seq analysis. A Venn diagram (a) illustrates the total number of genes differentially expressed by the transgenic lenses versus the FVB/N lenses while the heatmap (b) lists all of the transcripts differentially expressed with red indicating overexpression and blue indicating underexpression. The Le-Cre lenses differentially expressed 16 genes while the P0-3.9GFPCre lenses differentially expressed only three genes. Both transgenic lenses overexpressed CRE and Hspb1 transcripts. The P0-3.9GFPCre lenses uniquely underexpressed Usp11. Many of the overexpressed transcripts in the Le-Cre lenses (Cdkn1a, Hmox1, Phlda3, and Trp53inp1) are associated with apoptosis and/or stress response (Hspb1, Ephx1)

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