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Table 3 Top 10 Enriched gene ontology (GO) terms for the most discriminative 200 genes from the pan-cancer classification of all 801 samples having BRCA, COAD, KIRC, LUAD and PRAD

From: An embedded method for gene identification problems involving unwanted data heterogeneity

Gene Ontology (GO) terms P-value
Pattern specification process 2.6e-11
Regionalization 9.6e-11
Animal organ morphogenesis 1.6e-10
Tube development 1.1e-9
Urogenital system development 1.6e-8
Tissue morphogenesis 1.8e-8
Morphogenesis of a branching epithelium 2.2e-8
Anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis 2.5e-8
Embryonic morphogenesis 2.8e-8
Mesenchyme development 3.5e-8