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Table 5 Top genes identified by the rank product method

From: Novel analytical methods to interpret large sequencing data from small sample sizes

Gene RP/Rsuma FC (class 1/class 2)b pfpc P value
UGT1A9 1.000 0.2495 4.56E−05 1.63E−06
PTPN22 2.000 0.4859 4.55E−03 3.25E−04
ERCC5 3.000 0.6521 3.45E−02 3.70E−03
  1. aRP/Rsum (rank product statistics): the probability that the gene would be classified first in all samples (from both conditions). The lower it is, the more the difference between control and treated conditions is important
  2. bFC (class 1/class 2): computed fold change of the average “expression levels” under two conditions
  3. cpfp percentage of false prediction