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Table 1 Summary of biological process gene set enrichment analysis

From: Identification of key candidate genes and molecular pathways in white fat browning: an anti-obesity drug discovery based on computational biology

ProgressGenes in query setTotal genes in genomeCorrected hypergeometric P valueGenes
Brown fat cell differentiation12268.3154e−21PPARG, PIK3R1, MRAP, PPARGC1A, SLC2A4, ADIG, ADIPOQ, ADRB1, PRDM16, ADRB3, CEBPB, FABP4, UCP1
Response to cold10297.84828e−16PPARG, ACOT11, PMCH, AGT, ADRB1, UCP3, GMPR, ADRB3, TRH, IL6
Positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter205782.90244e−12NFKB1, PPARG, NFE2L2, TWIST1, SREBF1, PPARA, PIK3R1, LPIN2, ESR1, CTNNB1, HNF4A, IL10, RXRA, EN1, TGFB1, ESRRA, IL6, CREBBP, PPARGC1B
Lipid biosynthetic process8297.45936e−12SREBF1, DGAT2L6, MOGAT2, DGAT2, PRKAA2, MOGAT3, MOGAT1, AWAT1
Cellular lipid metabolic process111286.70379e−11CYP7A1, LPIN1, PPARA, DGAT2, PRKAA2, LPIN2, AGT, DGAT1, RXRA, CREBBP, UCP1
Glucose homeostasis9647.26406e−11PPARG, SLC2A4, PMCH, IRS1, PRKAA2, DBH, HNF4A, ADIPOQ, INS
Response to drug143011.68321e−10PPARG, FXN, SREBF1, PIK3R1, CTNNB1, HNF4A, IL10, LPL, CYP19A1, TGFB1, NOS3, IL6, LIPE, CFTR
Lipid metabolic process132411.74841e−10FADS2, PPARG, SREBF1, PPARA, LPIN2, LEP, LPL, UCP3, CIDEA, APOC3, LPIN3, FABP4, LIPE
Triglyceride biosynthetic process7337.84617e−10LPN1, MOGAT2, DGAT2, LPIN2, LPL, DGAT1, GPAT2
Response to hypoxia111759.5641e−10PPARA, LEP, NRF1, MMP2, UCP2, UCP3, TRH, TGFB1, ADIPOQ, NOS3, CREBBP
Positive regulation of MAPK cascade8611.16264e−09LEP, CTNNB1, AGT, IGF1R, CNTF, ADRB3, IL6, INS
Response to insulin stimulus8621.2526e−09MC4R, RETN, PPARA, IRS1, LEP, IL10, UCP3, IL6
Aging91145.88491e−09SREBF1, AGT, ADRB1, UCP3, ADRB3, RXRA, TGFB1, NOS3, IL6
Response to estradiol stimulus8891.57804e−09PIK3R1, ESR1, DBH, NRF1, CTNNB1, CYP19A1, TGFB1, NOS3
Cellular lipid metabolic process7561.62076e−08PPARG, LPIN1, SLC2A4, IRS1, UCP2, RXRA, ADIPOQ
Response to organic cyclic compound81128.05856e−08FXN, STC1, DBH, CYP19A1, RXRA, TRH, NOS3, IL6
  1. Among the most significantly enriched biological processes above the cutoff, those most relevant to brown-fat-like development based on the available literature and research were selected. The analysis of enriched biological process annotations resulted in 16 sets of annotations containing 70 genes