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Table 2 Hazard ratios (HR) of overall survival using Cox regression models

From: Common polymorphic inversions at 17q21.31 and 8p23.1 associate with cancer prognosis

Std-StdStd-InvInv-Invp valueStd-StdStd-InvInv-Invp value
Lung11.10 (0.80-1.50)0.550.78 (0.55-1.12)0.18
Lung2110.96 (0.65–1.42)0.84110.72 (0.35–1.47)0.37
Liver110.84 (0.45–1.55)0.5810.74 (0.42-1.30)10.30
Colorectal10.68 (0.38–1.19)10.1810.74 (0.40-1.36)10.33
Stomach110.42 (0.18–0.93)3.3 × 10−212.19 (1.20–3.99)2.19 (1.20–3.99)1.1 × 10−2
Breast112.00 (1.27–3.16)2.6 × 10−31.34 (0.93–1.94)0.12
  1. The results are shown for the best genetic model for each inversion in each tumor. Associations in italics were nominally significant (p value < 0.05). In the additive model, HR corresponds to each inverted allele. For the other models, HR was computed using Std-Std as reference
  2. Lung1 LUAD (lung adenocarcinoma), Lung2 LUSC (lung squamous cell carcinoma), Liver LIHC (liver hepatocellular carcinoma), Colorectal COAD + READ (colon adenocarcinoma), Stomach STAD (stomach adenocarcinoma), Breast BRCA (breast invasive carcinoma)