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Table 1 Genes from the RNA-seq dataset that have an ethanol effect 10-fold or greater (FDR < 0.05) and a differential effect of ethanol of (p < 0.0001)

From: Investigating RNA expression profiles altered by nicotinamide mononucleotide therapy in a chronic model of alcoholic liver disease

Gene symbolGene descriptionOverall effect of ethanol FDR (unadjusted p value)Differential effect of ethanol in NMN and saline groups FDR (unadjusted p value)Ethanol effect in saline group (ethanol expression as percent of control expression)Ethanol effect in NMN group (ethanol expression as percent of control expression)
Hmox1Heme oxygenase 13.6e−135 (2.6e−139)3.6e-20 (3.4e−24)1902%328%
Nr4a1Nuclear receptor subfamily 44.9e−26 (4.9e−29)1.0e-06 (2.9e−10)1057%123%
Trib3Tribbles pseudokinase 33.2e−54 (9.2e−58)4.0e-06 (1.5e−09)1483%281%
Atf3Activating transcription factor 32.6e−23 (3.2e−26)1.7e-02 (3.9e−05)3711%522%
Clec2hC-type lectin domain family 21.3e−10 (1.0e−12)1.9e-02 (5.2e−05)9%69%