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Table 13 Comparison of significance obtained in this study compared to previous GWAS. P values from GWAS presented as from the original paper. Pun = uncorrected P value; PC = corrected p value. Baranzini et al. presented their significance as adjusted log P values

From: An investigation of genetic polymorphisms in heparan sulfate proteoglycan core proteins and key modification enzymes in an Australian Caucasian multiple sclerosis population

  Genotype (%)Allele (%)Current studyGWAS significance
GeneSNPHom (%)Het (%)Var (%)Allele 1Allele 2P valueCorrected B-HCorrected BonferroniCenit 2009 Pun (PC)Baranzini 2009
Adj Log p value
Lorentzen 2010
GPC5rs733391295.14.9097.62.40.760.8781  0.02
GPC5rs1049250332.848.119.156.843.20.0160.080.1280.016 (0.096)  
GPC5rs952378771.226.32.584.415.60.0690.8121  0.0002
GPC5rs9523762Did not follow Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium 5.155 
GPC6rs1726781522.451.226.448.151.90.07970.2130.638  0.03
GPC6rs952426038.645.715.761.438.60.2360.4721  0.10