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Table 5 Results of meta-analysis

From: Identification of rare and common variants in BNIP3L: a schizophrenia susceptibility gene

VariantsAlleleData setORSEP valueModelHeterogeneity I2Heterogeneity P valueTotal OR [95%CI]Overall Effect (Z)Total P value
rs17310286C/TCLOZUK+PGC20.9300.0125.43e−09**Fixed31%0.230.93 [0.91~0.95]6.25P < 1.00e−05**
chr8:26411516 Our Study0.8670.0570.012*
rs1042992C/TIndependent PGC20.9370.0151.94e−05**Fixed0%0.460.93 [0.91~0.95]5.92P < 1.00e−05**
chr8:26411675 CLOZUK0.9120.0222.79e−05**
  Our Study0.9700.0570.581
  1. Our study: Han Chinese population
  2. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  3. *P values < 0.05
  4. **P values < 0.01