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Table 2 Demographic characteristics of pregnant women undergoing NIPT

From: Clinical performance of non-invasive prenatal served as a first-tier screening test for trisomy 21, 18, 13 and sex chromosome aneuploidy in a pilot city in China

CharacteristicTotal (n = 42,924)
GA at NIPT (weeks)
First trimester(6–13 weeks)6471
Second trimester(14–27 weeks)36,173
Third trimester(≥ 28 weeks)218
Maternal age (years)
< 30 years20,137
30–34 years13,647
35-39 years7991
≥ 40 years1144
Singleton pregnancy42,257
Twin pregnancy667
Advance maternal age (>35 years)9135
  1. GA gestational age