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Table 1 Susceptibility genes of type 1 AIH

From: Genetic risk factors for autoimmune hepatitis: implications for phenotypic heterogeneity and biomarkers for drug response

  Susceptibility genes or alleles (protective alleles are underlined) Populations References
GWAS DRB1*03:01, DRB1*04:01, SH2B3, CARD10 European [34]
Candidate gene approach DRB1*03:01, DRB1*04:01, DRB1*15:01 European [35,36,37,38]
DRB1*04:01, DRB1*04:05, DRB1*13:02, DRB1*15:01, DRB1*04/DRB1*08 Japanese [39,40,41,42,43,44]
DRB1*04:04, DRB1*04:05, DRB1*13:01, DRB1*13:02 Hispanic [45,46,47,48,49,50,51]
  DRB1*04:05 Korean [52]
  DRB1*01, DRB1*04, DRB1*08, DRB1*14 Indian, Iranian [53,54,55]
  DRB1*13, DRB1*14 Pakistani [56]
  DP5 (rs9277534G) Japanese [57]
  KIR European [58, 59]
  PTPN22 Japanese [60]
  SH2B3 Japanese [61]
  TNFAIP3 Japanese [62]
  STAT4 Japanese [63]
  TNIP1 Japanese [64]
  CTLA4, ICOS European, Japanese [65,66,67]
  FAS European, Japanese [68, 69]
  TNF European [70, 71]
  1. AIH autoimmune hepatitis, GWAS genome-wide association study