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Table 1 Available datasets in e-PKGene

From: e-PKGene: A knowledge-based research tool for analysing the impact of genetics on drug exposure

Curated facts from publications
   Natural language descriptions/comments
   Quantitative data (eg AUC, Cmax, half-life, Tmax)
   Variant details
   Genotype details
   Phenotype details
   Population details (eg ethnicity, gender)
   External links to PubMed
Design and methods details
   Design and drug administration
   Genotyping method
   Phenotyping method
   Alleles and genes tested
   Pharmacokinetics measurements
   Pharmacodynamics measurements/protocol
   Side effects
Drug information
   Pharmacology and interactions
   Metabolising enzymes and transporters involved
   Classification (therapeutic uses, therapeutic range)
   PubChem record, CAS number
Genetic information
   Gene (common name, synonyms)
   Genetic variations (DNA sequence variations [SNP], rs numbers)
   AUC, area under the curve; Cmax, maximum (peak) observed drug concentration; Tmax, time to reach maximum concentration following drug administration; CAS, Chemical Abstracts Service