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Featured article: Translating pharmacogenomics into clinical decisions: do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good

The field of pharmacogenomics is gradually shifting from the reactive testing of single genes toward the proactive testing of multiple genes to improve treatment outcomes, reduce adverse events, and decrease the burden of unnecessary costs for healthcare systems. Despite the progress in the field of pharmacogenomics, its implementation into routine care has been slow due to several barriers. This review focuses on some of the challenges faced by these initiatives, the solutions and different approaches for testing that they suggest, and the evidence that they provide regarding the benefits of preemptive pharmacogenomics testing.


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Updates from the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) relevant to Human Genomics readers.

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Human Genomics launched with BioMed Central in July 2012, transferring from its previous publisher Henry Stewart Publications. All back content is now available in the archive.

Aims and scope

Human Genomics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on the application of genomic analysis in all aspects of human health and disease, as well as genomic analysis of drug efficacy and safety, and comparative genomics.

Call for Papers: Public Health Genomics

Guest Editors: George P Patrinos, University of Patras, Greece; Hongyu Zhao, Yale University, USA

Papers are invited which address current issues in human public health genomics, such as genomic surveillance of disease, genetic risk prediction, individual genome interpretation, gene-environment interactions, genetic diversity of vector-borne disease, vaccination and vaccine-based approaches against pathogens data sharing, economic evaluation in genomic medicine, and the role of big data and artificial intelligence on the development of translational tools and services and the overall future of public health.

Submission Deadline: March 2020

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