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Table 1 Selected FTO and TBC1D1 gene variants of prime interest

From: Genomic variants in the FTO gene are associated with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Greek patients

Gene SNPs Alleles MAF-all MAF-EUR Variant type
FTO rs2892469 C>T 0.31 (T) 0.49 (T) Intronic
rs1861869 C>G 0.38 (G) 0.54 (G)
rs17217144 C>T 0.31 (T) 0.49 (T)
rs7186521 A>G 0.37 (G) 0.49 (G)
TBC1D1 rs6850200 C>A 0.41 (A) 0.37 (A)