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Table 1 Dimension reduction-based methods of population structure analysis

From: Nonparametric approaches for population structure analysis

Reference Dimension reduction Distance matrix Clustering Tool/package
Patterson at el. (2006) [41] PCA (TW) EIGENSTRAT/smartpca [82]: Perl
Liu at el. (2006) [40] SVD Cosine similarity Density-based mean clustering (DBMC)
Lee at el.(2009) [52] PCA (TW) Spectral clustering (K-means, mixture model)
Intarapanich at el. (2009) [11] PCA (TW) Euclidean distance Fuzzy C-means TW-ipPCA [83]: MATLAB
Limpiti at el.(2011) [16] PCA (EigenDev) Euclidean distance Fuzzy C-means EigenDev-ipPCA [83]: MATLAB
Amornbunchornvej at el. (2012) [58] PCA ASD Ward’s clustering