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Fig. 3

From: Oxidative stress-induced chromosome breaks within the ABL gene: a model for chromosome rearrangement in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Fig. 3

Flow cytometric analysis of mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) loss. NP69 cells were either left untreated or treated with 100 μM of H2O2 for 16 and 24 h while HK1 cells were either left untreated or treated with 50 μM for 4 and 8 h. Cells treated with CPT was included as a positive control. The percentage of cells showing MMP loss was determined in H2O2-treated NP69 cells (a i) and HK1 cells (b i). Means and SD of two independent experiments performed in duplicate are shown. Data are expressed as fold change normalised to untreated control. *p < 0.01 (Student’s t test). The representative contour plot diagrams indicating the apoptotic populations of (a ii) H2O2-treated NP69 cells and (b ii) H2O2-treated HK1 cells are shown. The upper quadrants indicate healthy cells whereas the lower quadrants indicate cells expressing MMP loss

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