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Table 9 Students’ opinion regarding the confidentiality and data privacy in pharmacogenomic testing

From: Perceptions of students in health and molecular life sciences regarding pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine

  Model I Model II Model III
In case of an unfavorable test result, do you believe that you would feel “different” or “inadequate”?
  Are you worried about the possibility that a pharmacogenomics test may reveal that you have additional risk factors for other diseases? 2.48 (1.34–4.60)
p = 0.004
2.17 (1.15–4.09)
p = 0.017
2.15 (1.13–4.10)
p = 0.020
  1. Model I: without adjustment; model II: adjusted to age and gender; model III: adjusted to age, gender, and level of education
  2. Answer as a reference for Q1: yes