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Fig. 2

From: Considerations for the use of Cre recombinase for conditional gene deletion in the mouse lens

Fig. 2

Gross comparison of ocular development in wild-type FVB/N mice and P0-3.9GFPCre, Le-Cre, and MLR10 transgenic mice. All genotypes exhibit grossly normal appearing eyes and lenses at all stages examined, with the exception of mice homozygous for the Le-Cre transgene (Le-CreHomo). Homozygous Le-Cre mice (middle column) exhibit externally obvious microphthalmia and small lenses at 3 weeks after birth (P21). Homozygous Le-Cre lenses exhibit consistent size reduction with evidence of fiber cell disorganization and nuclear retention that progressively worsens with age. As all mice were maintained on an FVB/N inbred background, all P21 eye sections exhibit photoreceptor degeneration from rd1 homozygous mutation [57]

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