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Table 5 Different PPVs according to pregnancies characteristics

From: Noninvasive prenatal testing for chromosome aneuploidies and subchromosomal microdeletions/microduplications in a cohort of 42,910 single pregnancies with different clinical features

Clinical featuresPPV of T21 (%)PPV of T18 (%)PPV of T13 (%)PPV of SCAs (%)PPV of other chromosome aneuploidy (%)PPV of CNVs (%)
Fetal structural abnormalities by B-ultrasound0100000100.00
Increased NT100100/50.00037.50
High risk of serological screening86.6710010028.5712.5011.11
Critical risk of serological screening71.7433.339.0928.57050.00
Advanced maternal age (≥ 35 years)89.2960.009.0930.7715.385.26
No clinical indications33.33025.0035.71041.67
  1. “/” indicates no data
  2. aPatients with interventional surgery contraindications: reoperative infection, placenta previa, placental bleeding, poor pregnancy history.