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Table 5 Details of true-positive NIPT samples with the validation results

From: Clinical performance of non-invasive prenatal served as a first-tier screening test for trisomy 21, 18, 13 and sex chromosome aneuploidy in a pilot city in China

CaseNIPT resultUmbilical cord tissueFetal tissuePlacental tissue
Fetal sideMaternal side
Case 15T21T21///
Case 16T21/T2147,XN,+21[75]/46,X N[27]T21
Case 17T21T21/NANA
Case 18T21T21/T21T21
Case 19T18T18/T18T18
Case 20T21//T21T21
Case 21T21T21/T21T21
Case 22T21//T21T21
  1. / No sample