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Table 3 MD genes that appeared more than once in six studies, i.e. the current study and five previous studies [7,8,9,10,11]

From: Delineation of molecular findings by whole-exome sequencing for suspected cases of paediatric-onset mitochondrial diseases in the Southern Chinese population

Gene Disease-causing genes found in
Current study Number of previous studies
Four Three Two One
TAZ# v   v   
SCO2   v    
MTFMT   v    
NDUFS7    v   
RRM2B#   v    
MTO1    v   
EARS2    v   
RARS2    v   
C12orf65    v   
PC     v  
FBXL4    v   
COQ4 v     v
COQ7 v     v
OPA1 v     v
SURF1 v     v
NDUFV1     v  
TMEM126B     v  
ACAD9     v  
SLC25A4     v  
TRMU     v  
KARS     v  
VARS2     v  
AARS2     v  
GFM1     v  
SERAC1     v  
MFN2     v  
COX10     v  
SLC19A3#     v  
  1. #Absent in MitoCarta 2.0