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Table 2 The Pandemic Playbook II: during a (raging) pandemic

From: COVID-19 update: the first 6 months of the pandemic

The Pandemic Playbook II:
During a (raging) pandemic
Leaders must continue to act decisively and early, informed by science
Test quickly, rigorously and widely
Maintain quick turn-around on test results
Contact trace as effectively as possible, incl. using of technology (such as a tracing app)
Close contacts must self-isolate if not quarantine
Enforce self-isolation, e.g. through door knocking repeatedly, and consider supervised quarantine if need be
Restrict movement, e.g. to 5 km in cities, 20 km in suburbia, 50 km in the country
Rigorously ring fence hot spots, if feasible, incl. local and other domestic borders
Transport, except for essential business, must be limited
Require social distancing (Table 1)
Limit gatherings, to 2 or the like as the situation dictates
Allow only essential business to stay open, incl. supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors and the like
Limit trips outside the home for food, healthcare or the like each day within a prescribed radius and to 1x/d
Require protective equipment as warranted, e.g. appropriate face coverings
Advise of the need for proper hygiene (Table 1)
Communicate clearly, age-appropriate and addressing ethnic groups appropriately
Ensure the best possible care for the most vulnerable
Manage hospital capacity wisely, incl. staff (which may fall sick), beds, ICU etc.
Be on the lookout for the unexpected and unexplained
In more dire circumstances, consider also: Curfews
Isolation of cases and perhaps contacts etc. (e.g. on islands)