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Table 2 Annotations of GO biological process nodes and KEGG signaling pathways that are significantly associated with mRNA in significant differentially expressed RNAs

From: Screening of disease-related biomarkers related to neuropathic pain (NP) after spinal cord injury (SCI)

Category Term Count P value
Biology process GO:0030072 ~ peptide hormone secretion 5 3.301E−03
  GO:0002790 ~ peptide secretion 5 3.965E−03
  GO:0051252 ~ regulation of RNA metabolic process 44 4.240E−03
  GO:0006355 ~ regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 43 4.838E−03
  GO:0046879 ~ hormone secretion 5 5.553E−03
  GO:0009914 ~ hormone transport 5 7.518E−03
  GO:0015833 ~ peptide transport 5 1.055E−02
  GO:0033081 ~ regulation of T cell differentiation in the thymus 3 1.258E−02
  GO:0045449 ~ regulation of transcription 56 1.279E−02
  GO:0006350 ~ transcription 46 2.036E−02
  GO:0002684 ~ positive regulation of immune system process 9 3.657E−02
  GO:0006959 ~ humoral immune response 5 3.700E−02
  GO:0003001 ~ generation of a signal involved in cell-cell signaling 5 4.639E−02
  GO:0045580 ~ regulation of T cell differentiation 4 4.723E−02
  GO:0045859 ~ regulation of protein kinase activity 11 4.908E−02
KEGG pathway hsa00600:Sphingolipid metabolism 3 1.048E−02
  hsa05200:Pathways in cancer 8 1.803E−02
  hsa04530:Tight junction 4 2.949E−02
  hsa04520:Adherens junction 3 2.978E−02
  hsa04512:ECM-receptor interaction 3 3.345E−02
  hsa04350:TGF-beta signaling pathway 3 3.501E−02
  hsa04540:Gap junction 3 3.604E−02
  hsa04310:Wnt signaling pathway 4 3.614E−02
  hsa00640:Propanoate metabolism 2 3.673E−02
  hsa00561:Glycerolipid metabolism 2 4.751E−02
  hsa04080:Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 5 4.943E−02