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Table 1 Diseases with possible genetic components based on ethnic differences in disease rates and hence amenable to admixture mapping

From: Measuring and using admixture to study the genetics of complex diseases

Disease High-risk groups Low-risk groups Relative risk ratio Reference(s)
Obesity African women Europeans 2:4 [64, 65]
  Native Americans    
  South Asians (central adiposity,)    
  Pacific Islanders, Aboriginal Australians    
Non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) South Asians, West Africans, Peninsular Arabs, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans Europeans 4:7 [66, 67]
Hypertension African Americans, West Africans Europeans 2:3 [68, 69]
Coronary heart disease South Asians West African men 2:4 [70, 71]
End-stage renal disease Native Americans and African populations Europeans N/A [72]
Dementia Europeans African Americans, Hispanic Americans N/A [73]
Autoimmune diseases:     
Systemic lupus West Africans Europeans N/A [55]
erythematosus Native Americans Europeans   
Skin cancer Europeans   N/A [74]
Lung cancer Africans European Americans, Chinese, Japanese   [75, 76]
Prostate cancer Africans and African Americans    [77]
Multiple sclerosis Europeans Chinese, Japanese, African Americans, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Native Siberians, New Zealand Maoris N/A [78]
Osteoporosis European Americans African Americans N/A [79]
  1. N/A = not available.