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Table 2 Mutated epidermal and hyperproliferative keratin sequences identified in this study consistent with previous reports (clinvar and dbSNP in the NCBI website)

From: Mutational analysis of epidermal and hyperproliferative type I keratins in mild and moderate psoriasis vulgaris patients: a possible role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis along with disease severity

S. no. Gene Mutation region Accession number
Clinvar dbSNP
1 Keratin 14 C442 > T RCV000056740.1 rs58378809
2   A1234 > T RCV000056680.1 rs267607403
3   G1237 > A RCV000056682.1 rs59780231
4   C1246 > T   rs777067461
5 Keratin 10 C520 > A RCV000056502.1  
6 Keratin 17 C986 > T   rs780535087