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A Look Back at 20 Years of Human Genomics

Gene Family Update
This collection contains all previously published Gene Family Updates and will continue to include any new Gene Family Updates that publish.


New Approach Methodologies to Address Population Variability and Susceptibility in Human Risk Assessment

Edited by: Helena Hodberg-Durdock, Nicole Kleinstreuer and Kim To

Pharmacogenomics Beyond Single Common Genetic Variants

Edited by: Volker M. Lauschke

Multi-omics approaches to unravel gene-environmental interactions in noncommunicable diseases

Edited by: Tesfaye Mersha and Daniel Enquobahrie

CAGI 6: Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation, Sixth Edition

Edited by: Soren Brunak, Hannah Carter, John Moult

Personalized Nutrition and Healthy Living from a Genomic Perspective

Edited by: Anagnostis Argiriou and Giuseppe Novelli

Mapping the urban wastewater genome towards the understanding of human infectious disease

Edited by: Despo Fatta-Kassinos, Bernd M. Gawlik and Warish Ahmed


Exposome x Genome

Edited by: Xiaoming Shi and Nikolaos S. Thomaidis


Genetically Manipulated Animal Models for Human Disease

Edited by: Ying Chen, Won Yeong Kang, and Hassane Mchaourab

Genomics of COVID-19: Molecular Mechanisms Going from Susceptibility to Severity of the Disease

Edited by: Giuseppe Novelli and Juergen Reichardt

Artificial Intelligence and Genomics

Edited by: Kirill A. Veselkov, Takashi Gojobori, and David van Dijk


Public Health Genomics

Edited by: George Patronis and Hongyu Zhao


Ethics, Law, and Society in Human Genomics

Edited by: Ruth Chadwick


Translational Genomics

Edited by: Nick M. Makridakis

Exome Sequencing

Edited by: George Patrinos and Chee Seng Ku