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Genetically Manipulated Animal Models for Human Disease

Edited by: Ying Chen, Won Yeong Kang and Hassane Mchaourab.

Genomics of COVID-19: Molecular Mechanisms Going from Susceptibility to Severity of the Disease

Edited by: Prof. Giuseppe Novelli and Prof. Juergen Reichardt

Artificial Intelligence and Genomics

Edited by: Kirill A. Veselkov and Takashi Gojobori


Public Health Genomics

Edited by: Prof. George Patronis and Dr. Hongyu Zhao


Ethics, Law, and Society in Human Genomics

Edited by: Dr. Ruth Chadwick


Translational Genomics

Edited by: Dr. Nick M. Makridakis

Collection published: 18 June 2015 - Last updated: 19 October 2015

Exome Sequencing

Edited by: Prof. George Patrinos & Dr. Chee Seng Ku

Collection published: 1 January 2015